In 2013, VTC presented a bilingual Russian/English production of the classic Soviet-era drama My Poor Marat by Aleksei Arbuzov. Directed by Wayne Maugans, the cast featured Sandra Glinka, Igor Semenov, and Arthur Kriklivy. The new English translation was by Oleg Ivanov, who also provided dramaturgy. Stass Klassen was Assistant Director/Dialect Coach. Scenic design by Jay Ryan; lighting design by Paul Bartlett; costume design by Peri Grabin; sound design by Bruce Ellman; motion graphics by Vyen Ngo; props by Christopher Cancel-Pomales. Pei-Wen Huang was the Production Stage Manager and Clara Wilch was Assistant Stage Manager. Inara Letdin was Publicity Manager and Lanie Zipoy was Press Representative. Kipp Osbourne and Charles C. Bales were producers.

Apr 5-27, 2013
Canal Park Playhouse